Nusa Penida Travel 3 Day 2 Night

Nusa Penida, a tourist area in Bali that is familiar to local and foreign tourists. Even many foreign tourists who always want to return to Nusa Penida while on holiday to Bali.

The nature is still pure, the view is stunning, plus the quiet white sand beaches, limestone caves, and beautiful hills to the cliffs at the seaside. One of the places that managed to enchanting visitors is Pulau Seribu located in Banjar Pelilit, Village Tanglad, District Nusa Penida.

This tourist spot is located next to pantai atuh/Atuh Beach which was popular recently. Pulau Seribu is a hill that is above the sea and has incredible views.

Someone will soon be amazed when you see the arrangement of rocks and cliffs like a fortress that protects this hill around.

To reach this place, visitors must drive for one hour from Buyuk Harbor.

Once there, visitors need to continue the journey by tracking for approximately 15 minutes from the parking lot. Visitors will pass the path and down the hill a bit quit lunge.
There are simple stairs made of soil and limestone built by local residents.

If there is soil slippery and prone to landslides, wood will be added as a buffer.

Very simple and a little challenging. There is also a rope crossing along the road that provide as a grip visitor so they will hold and avoid to slip while walking.

Felling Tired after down the hill and crossing the moorings, will pay off perfectly after step your foot on Pulau Seribu.

There visitors will see the beach scene with small islands lined up in the middle of the ocean.

The other that, you will be seen the cliffs towering over the cliffs and hills around. On the edge of the hill, given a barrier made of wood.
At the top of the hill is also built resting facilities like small wantilan, equipped with padmasana for praying.