About 200km square are, nusa penida far larger than 2 other island in bali, there is nusa ceningan and nusa lembongan, with limited infrastructure and low level of drinking water so the plant become less productive, a food and other supply coming from other island so the visitor will paid more for it.

Nusa penida as know as The blue paradise island is the one conservation marine because nusa penida surrounding by sea with plenty of pretty coral reefs and a lot of fish type, include the most famous mola-mola fish (sunfish) has become the icone of nusa penida and also has stingray, you will see them while snorkeling in manta area point.

Entering access to nusa penida
There are regular boat you can ride from sanur for those of you traveling from south of bali, and those of you travel from east the boat will be located at padang bay and kusamba.

Rent a bike or mopped is the easiest choices, and you will have paid the around Rp. 60.000. just come by in our outlet located Toyapakeh and sampalan. And if you have different reference regarding rent a car please a head, but they will not have recommended cause the condition in nusa penida still not support for comfortable while you driving.