To enjoy the gorgeous underwater : diving / snorkeling
Mostly traveler visited nusa lembongan, nusa ceningan and nusa penida, just one reason the beauty underwater view

Diving and snorkeling indeed so popular in those 3 islands, especially in manta point and crystal bay. In manta point the divers will get chance to feel unique swimming with huge gigantic stingray, the other side of crystal bay if your luck side you believe me right away you will see sunfish aka mola-mola fish!
Just remainder, the current is strong enough so you need certificate before you dive in this area, and that is regulation.

Please visit our natural wonder in nusa penida; Angel’s Billabong, Pasih Uwug, Bukit Teletubbies and Pantai Atuh.
Nusa penida maybe small island compare than other islands all around the world but a lot of miracle in this places.
Swimming in a pool of angel’s billabong, and visit “rusak” in pasih Uwug or refresh your mind with all green view in bukit teletubbies and then spread your view to prettiest pantai atuh – just choose which one you like it

Just not same like other: pura gua giri putri
You probably have been visited many interesting temples in Bali, temple is part of Bali and can’t be separated from culture.

And gua giri putri temple in nusa penida indeed not like regular temple like other, just like her name this temple is located inside the cave and you have to crawling to reach the temple inside around 2 meter, are you curious?

Miracle mirage just for a life time : Bannah Cliff
If you love high level above the sea and no hassle to fill up your leisure time while vacation and physically challenge? Be my guest hiking to banah cliff in nusa penida.

when you reach top of the top so you will be facing with unbelievable view side of sea blue water. If you feel you brave enough just look down below and you will surprise with huge wave slice by reef and rock. Really unforgettable view will be…

Place for bird breed and live freely: bali bird sanctuary Friends of the National Parks Foundation become pioneer to build this bird parks in nusa penida and 2 other island conserve all kind of rare birds from different species in Indonesia which is near extinct, so they will have place to live and protected from irresponsible hunter.
Please come by in this bird park and you will see the rare find species bird in the world, include jalak bali the most beautiful and second rare in the world and almost extinct.